Not the Average Joe: Wardley and Clarke need a break

Over the weekend at the O2 Arena in London, we witnessed another thrilling British title fight that ended in a draw.

This was the second draw in a short span of time, with heavyweights Fabio Wardley and Frazer Clarke battling to a standstill, much like Nathan Heaney and Brad Pauls did for the middleweight title two weeks earlier in Manchester.

Just like Heaney and Pauls, I believe a rematch between Wardley and Clarke is warranted. The judges couldn’t separate them on the night, and it was a fantastic fight to watch.

However, I think both heavyweights should take a break of at least six months before stepping into the ring again. They both sustained a lot of damage in the fight, both physically with cuts and bruises, and mentally with the impact on their brains. It’s important for them to rest and recuperate to prevent any long-term negative effects.

While we all enjoy exciting fights like this one, it’s crucial for the fighters to prioritize their health and well-being. Boxing is a tough sport, and precautions must be taken to minimize any potential harm.

Watching them exchange blows, especially towards the end of the fight when they were likely fatigued and dehydrated, made me realize the possible consequences they might face.

In my previous post, I suggested that Dalton Smith and Adam Azim should face each other in their next bout.

However, it seems that Azim has decided to vacate his European super-lightweight title and is now likely to face Harlem Eubank instead. While this should be an interesting matchup, it signifies a step back from European level competition for Azim, indicating where his team believes he stands in his development.

At this point, I don’t see the point in Smith pursuing a fight against Azim. Instead, he should look to build on his victory over Jose Zepeda by facing another fringe world-level opponent. Perhaps even setting his sights on Josh Taylor or Jack Catterall depending on the outcome of their upcoming fight. A showdown between the loser of Taylor and Catterall and Smith later in the year would be a high-stakes battle for all involved.

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