New glove design could “change the boxing world forever”

A man with a passion for boxing, who had to stop competing at the age of 19 due to hand issues, is determined to revolutionize the boxing world with a new glove design.

Ben Amanna, the CEO and founder of the Boxraw brand known for its purpose-built apparel for boxers, believes that his products stand out in a crowded market.

He emphasizes that every product, especially the equipment, is developed to address specific needs and solve problems faced by boxers.

Having personally experienced hand pain due to arthritis from a young age, Amanna understands the significance of this issue in boxing.

Despite starting his boxing journey at the age of 12 in Coventry, his competitive career was cut short by arthritis in his wrists and knuckles at 19.

His frustration with expensive gloves and the limitations they placed on his performance inspired him to create a solution.

Amanna aims to create a glove that will enhance performance, prevent injuries, and allow boxers to punch harder and faster without worrying about hand pain.

After years of research and development, Boxraw is gearing up to launch this groundbreaking glove that promises to change the boxing landscape.

The brand’s apparel has already gained recognition from top boxers like Terence Crawford, Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis, and Amanda Serrano, as well as appearing in the Creed movie franchise.

While proud of the brand’s achievements, Amanna is focused on pushing the boundaries further and contributing to the advancement of the sport.

His ultimate goal with Boxraw is to not only elevate the brand but also promote the values of boxing and inspire more people to engage with the sport.

Amanna’s dedication to improving the lives of boxers and enhancing the sport’s image stems from his deep-rooted love for boxing and commitment to its community.

When asked about his vision for Boxraw, he asserts that his ultimate aim is to be the catalyst for expanding the fanbase and interest in boxing worldwide.

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