Media Review: Wardley vs. Clarke was a Sky Sports triumph


Despite the ongoing speculation and reporting about UK broadcasters of boxing, this weekend served as a timely reminder of the value of their investment in the sport. Sky Sports, in particular, aired the London card on Sunday night featuring Frazer Clarke and Fabio Wardley competing for the British heavyweight title. Sky had effectively built up the fight over the past few months through various platforms and promotions. The event was strategically staged on a Sunday night during a bank holiday weekend.

While the fight appeared to be interesting but not a blockbuster on paper, the actual spectacle in the ring was captivating and worth the historic title at stake. It was a delight to watch and a success for both Sky and promoter Boxxer, led by Ben Shalom.

A recent article in The Sunday Times raised concerns about Boxxer’s links to a convicted cricket spot fixer. However, the Wardley-Clarke fight exceeded expectations and was a significant win for Sky Sports amidst uncertainties about their future involvement in boxing. Despite the absence of star names like Anthony Joshua on Sky shows, the quality of the events has not suffered.

Wardley-Clarke proved that star power is not always necessary for an exciting matchup. A well-matched British clash with genuine rivalry can deliver excellent results, as seen in this fight.

Sky and Boxxer’s commitment to nurturing young talent like Ben Whittaker and Adam Azim is commendable. Both networks are actively building for the future, providing promising prospects with opportunities to shine on a larger stage.

While other broadcasters like DAZN and TNT Sports also showcase UK talent, Sky and Boxxer’s focus on developing new stars sets them apart. With speculations about Sky’s future in boxing, the broadcaster’s dedication to the sport remains evident.

In terms of broadcasting the Wardley-Clarke fight, Sky handled it well by prioritizing the fighters’ well-being over immediate post-fight interviews. The decision to take them backstage for medical evaluation was a responsible move that ensured their safety.

Additionally, the BBC’s recent docuseries on Shane McGuigan’s gym shed light on the lives of boxers trained by him, offering an intriguing perspective on the sport.

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