Keyshawn Davis plays matador in points win against Mexican bull Miguel Madueno

KEYSHAWN DAVIS went the distance in a 10-round fight for the third time in four outings, securing a unanimous decision victory over Miguel Madueno at the Prudential Centre in Newark. All three judges scored the bout 99-91 in favor of the American.

Despite appearing in high spirits as he made his way to the ring with his two brothers for his 11th professional fight, the lightweight contender found himself still trading punches with Madueno in the final round.

Madueno’s relentless determination kept Davis engaged throughout the fight, with the Mexican fighter pushing Davis to exchange blows. Although Davis was clearly the superior boxer in each round, he allowed Madueno to stay in the fight by at times letting his opponent dictate the pace.

Davis, with a record of 11-0 and 7 knockouts, showcased his accuracy and skill from a distance, consistently landing strikes on Madueno. Despite early success with body shots, Davis shifted his strategy as the fight progressed, leading to a prolonged battle with Madueno.

Tensions escalated towards the end of the sixth round when both fighters clashed heads, resulting in a brief scuffle. Davis pushed Madueno away as the referee intervened, avoiding further confrontation.

In the later rounds, Madueno, with a record of 31-3 and 28 knockouts, became more aggressive in his pursuit of Davis, who adapted by evading his opponent’s attacks with finesse.

Reflecting on the tough fight, Davis commented, “He was tougher than I expected. This was my most physically demanding professional bout, but I enjoyed it. I thrive in the ring and relish the challenge. It was a unique experience that I will learn from.”

When asked about potential future opponents, Davis expressed readiness to face anyone, stating, “I am open to fighting whoever Top Rank assigns me. I seek to challenge myself against the best in the sport. Send the contracts and I will be ready to step in the ring with the top names in boxing.”

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