Johnny Fisher prepared to enter the trenches with “underdog” Alen Babic

UNBEATEN heavyweight prospect Johnny Fisher believes that his in-built fighting mentality will set him apart when he faces Alen Babic in the ring.

The two fighters recently met at an open-air press conference to promote their upcoming showdown on July 6 at the Copper Box Arena, also known as the “Copper Bosh” due to Fisher’s catchphrase.

Fisher has been known for his exciting performances, even though they have been against relatively inexperienced opponents. He is confident that he can handle Babic, who hails from Zagreb.

“I definitely have the power, as we’ve seen before,” stated Fisher, who boasts a record of 11-0 with 10 knockouts.

“But if we end up in a tough fight, I believe that I have what it takes inside me. You can train hard in the gym, but you need to have that mentality within you. It’s something you’re born with, regardless of your background. And I have that mentality.”

While talk of competing at the world level may be premature, Fisher, at 25, has displayed qualities that suggest he is more than just a ticket seller.

With a projected crowd of 7,000 for his upcoming fight, Fisher is focused on defeating Babic and ignoring any negativity from critics.

“In boxing, you can’t let what others say affect you. You’ll always have critics. What’s important is having a supportive team and believing in yourself. And I will always have self-belief,” affirmed ‘The Romford Bull’.

If Fisher has any weaknesses at this level, Babic, with his aggressive style, will be eager to exploit them, especially in areas like heart, determination, and stamina.

Fisher and Babic have a history of exchanging words, if not blows. Babic faced criticism from Fisher when he fought Shawndell Terell Winters in 2020.

“I remember when I had my first real test against Shawndell. You were there, telling me it’s a tough fight. I’ve been through these tests for five years now. That’s why I’m taking this fight. I see it as a gift,” growled Babic.

Although not many would see fighting Fisher as a gift, Babic may need some luck to revive his career.

Babic claimed that he performs better when not much is expected of him. Embracing the underdog role, he seems motivated to prove himself against Fisher.

When Babic fought Lukasz Rozanski in Poland and suffered a quick defeat, it served as a reality check for his abilities. He knows he needs to deliver against Fisher to stay relevant in the sport.

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