“I’m gonna shut him up a lot quicker” – Leigh Wood gives verdict on a possible rematch against Josh Warrington

LEIGH WOOD is confident that if a rematch against Josh Warrington does happen that he can win in quicker fashion than last time.

Both fighters, now at super-featherweight, haven’t fought since their battle at the Sheffield Arena over six months which saw Wood rally and stop Warrington in the seventh round.

Wood had hoped that a second fight would take place at the City Ground, the home of Wood’s favourite football team Nottingham Forest. The dream for Wood won’t materialise this year, however, leaving the 35-year-old waiting on what will happen next.

Despite being a free agent Wood told Boxing News that he would like to re-sign with Matchroom Boxing and believes there is still a chance of fighting at the City Ground in 2025. In the meantime, Wood would love nothing more than to get his hands on Warrington once again.

“The rematch would be totally different based on the information we’ve got from the first fight,” he said.

“Lee Wylie and (trainer) Ben [Davison] looked at the fight. We’ve already been working on things in case it happens again. I’m gonna shut him and shut him up a lot quicker.”

Money appears to be a stumbling block with Wood believing he should get a bit more of the purse having won first time around. The topic is one which has helped add to a rivalry between the pair which never looked like happening after their respectful attitudes towards one another last year.

A rivalry, and fighting at the City Ground, were two of the things missing from Wood’s entertaining career which includes winning a featherweight world title and being involved in Fight of the Year thrillers.

“I feel like he’s [Warrington] created it,” Wood says of their conflict.

“He was being fairly respectful to me. Even [at] the head-to-head he said a few things. Even though I said I was going to beat him and how I was going to beat him there’s still respect there, and I don’t think that’ll be the case this time if we fight again.

“I can’t see how I’m going to sit there and shake his hand after some of the things he’s said and the way he’s been.”

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