GWS Giants beat Port Adelaide Power, news, results, reaction, Ken Hinkley

Port Adelaide coach Ken Hinkley anticipates facing criticism following the Power’s elimination from the finals. This marks the fifth sudden-death final that Hinkley’s team has lost since 2014, with zero grand final appearances in the 11 seasons he has been the coach. Hinkley acknowledges that scrutiny will inevitably come his way, but he is not concerned and is confident in his ability to handle it. He emphasizes the need for improvement in order to achieve success and acknowledges that the team had a strong run earlier in the season but faltered in the last few weeks and during the finals. Hinkley defends the decision to play key players who were injured and explains that the personnel issues the team faced made it challenging. Despite the disappointing loss, Hinkley believes that the young players on the team will learn valuable lessons from the experience and ultimately grow and improve. He acknowledges that there is room for improvement but does not dwell on it, instead choosing to look towards the future.

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