Ferocious and flawed – Cuba’s Angel Robinson Garcia never refused a fight

He was a globetrotting stylist, more skilful than a journeyman, who loved getting in the ring and letting hands fly.
Here, Eric Armit looks at a charismatic and controversial boxer who idolised Sugar Ray Robinson, led a turbulent personal life and boxed a who’s who of fighting royalty.

Born: 9 May 1937 in Havana, Cuba

Died: 1 June 2000 in Cuba

Turned Pro: 23 July 1955

Division(s): super-featherweight to super-welterweight

Record: 239 fights, 138 wins (55 by KO/TKO), 80 losses, 21 draws.

Defeated: Bobby Bell, Alfredo Urbina, Tommy Tibbs (twice), Jose Stable*, Rolando Morales, Pastor Marrero, Mario Vecchiatto, Valerio Nunez, Fernand Nollet, Giordano Campari, Ray Adigun, Francois Pavilla, Rafiu King*, Joe Tetteh (twice), Andres Navarro, Kid Tano, LC Morgan, Paul Armstead, Bobby Arthur, Jonathan Dele, Bunny Grant*, Marcos Geraldo, Perry Abner.

Lost to: Frankie Ryff, Doug Vaillant (twice)*, Vicente Rivas*, Jose Stable*, Jose Napoles (twice)**, Carlos Hernandez (twice)**, Alfredo Urbina, Bunny Grant*, Rafiu King, Jean Josselin*, Eddie Perkins** (three times), Antonio Ortiz*, Ismael Laguna **, Conny Rudhof, Olli Maki*, Andres Navarro (twice), Maurice Cullen, Bruno Acari **, Antonio Ortiz*, Carmelo Bossi**, Borge Krogh, Paul Armstead, Ken Buchanan **, Pedro Carrasco **, Chris Fernandez, Silvano Bertini*, Jose Hernandez* (twice), Jonathan Dele (twice), Jose Duran **, Roger Menetrey*, Roberto Duran **, Esteban De Jesus**, Saoul Mamby **, Sugar Ray Seales, Johnny Gant*, Wilfredo Benitez **, Larry Bonds*, Adriano Marrero*, Josue Marquez *, Billy Backus**, Clyde Gray*, Willie Monroe, Ralph Palladin.

Scottish legend Ken Buchanan defeated Robinson Garcia

Drew with: Carlos Hernandez **, Doug Vaillant*, Carmelo Bossi **, Andres Navarro (twice), Francois Pavilla*, LC Morgan, Paul Armstead, Miguel Velazquez **, Jose Hernandez*, Antonio Ortiz *

** Denotes past or future holder of a version of a world title

* Denotes world title challenger

The Story of Angel Robinson Garcia

Unlike many boxers, Angel Garcia did not come from a disadvantaged early life. He was one of six children, and as his father was an officer in the Cuban Army, they had a good standard of living as he grew up.

Garcia started boxing in his early teens and turned pro after winning all of his amateur fights and collecting several trophies. A huge fan of Sugar Ray Robinson, he took Robinson as part of his ring name.

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