Devin Haney blasts “dirty” Ryan Garcia after positive VADA tests

Devin Haney has issued a strong response to Ryan Garcia’s recent positive VADA tests, accusing his rival of showing disrespect to the sport by engaging in “dirty” tactics during their fight on April 20th. Haney, who suffered three knockdowns in the bout resulting in his first professional loss, released the statement following news of Garcia’s two failed tests.

“We recently became aware of Ryan’s cheating and lack of respect for both the fans and the sport of boxing by resorting to shady tactics and testing positive not once, but twice,” Haney stated.

“I have always advocated for fair and clean competition, and this incident is a clear violation of that. Ryan owes the fans an apology, but based on his recent tweet, he still seems to take this lightly. Boxing is a serious and dangerous sport, not to be taken lightly.”

Haney’s reference to Garcia’s tweet came after Garcia reacted to the news in a series of strange posts on social media, implying conspiracy theories and making light of the situation.

Despite Garcia missing weight for the fight, Haney, still holding the WBC super-lightweight title, emphasized the serious risks involved in boxing and criticized Garcia for his lack of seriousness.

“This revelation changes the entire context of the fight. Despite the obstacles, I fought with honor and determination,” Haney concluded.

“People can lose their lives in this sport. It’s no joke.”

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