Chargers News: CBS Sports gives Bolts middling game grade in win over Texans

The Chargers exited Houston with a win this week to push them back to .500 on the season. The final score read 34-24, but the game seemed to be much more in the Bolts’ favor despite a hasty comeback attempt by the Texans in the second half.

If the Chargers were able to keep their foot on the gas after halftime, they probably push their score over 40 and it’s the most lop-sided victory the team likely has in 2022. However, the offense wilted and they didn’t score any points until there was under three minutes remaining in the game. That thankfully was all it took to put the game on ice, but any amount of points prior to that moment would have gone a long way in decreasing the astronomical stress felt throughout the fan base.

For their efforts on Sunday, CBS Sports’ John Breech gave the Chargers a “B-” compared to a “C” for the Texans.

Here’s what he had to say:

“The Chargers almost let a 21-0 lead melt away in this game, but Justin Herbert and Austin Ekeler made sure that didn’t happen,” said Breech. “Ekeler totaled three touchdowns against the Texans, including a 14-yard catch with just 2:28 left to play that basically iced the win by giving Los Angeles a 34-24 lead. With so many players banged up for the Chargers, they needed their stars to make plays and that’s what happened in this game. Herbert threw for 340 yards and two touchdowns while Ekeler totaled 109 yards and three touchdowns. The defense wasn’t great for L.A., but it did come up with two interceptions that were instrumental in the win.”

The biggest hangup keeping them from a much better grade is obviously the almost-blown lead of 20 points which they held at the half. Both the offense and defense disappeared for just long enough for Houston to get within three, but both units thankfully made a statement play to end the game swiftly near the end of regulation.

It felt like that entire game was this close to being the four-quarter effort that Brandon Staley is still waiting to see from the team this year, but it also felt to be just as close to being the next catastrophic disaster from this franchise.

Thank God it wasn’t that in the end.

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