Brutal Artistry: An overview of Crawford vs. Spence

THE long-awaited welterweight showdown between Errol Spence and Terence Crawford took place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on July 29. Crawford dominated Spence and scored a ninth-round stoppage. Both fighters had been highly ranked pound-for-pound, but lacked a signature victory. Crawford’s impressive win over Shawn Porter and Spence’s dominance over other good fighters led to this long-awaited matchup. The delay in making the fight was criticized by analyst Tim Bradley, who accused Spence of running from Crawford.

The reluctance to make the fight was overcome by Crawford’s contractual obligations ending with Top Rank, allowing Premier Boxing Champions to take full control of the promotion. The success of Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia’s pay-per-view revenue also played a role in the decision. Additionally, the uncertain future of Showtime as a boxing broadcaster led to the collaboration with them to strengthen their franchise.

Spence and Crawford were both highly skilled and in their prime, leading to the hype surrounding the fight. Despite their previous respect and admiration for each other, tensions rose during the promotion, but Crawford called for unity and a successful event.

Age was not expected to be a factor, as both fighters were in their prime. Spence had the size advantage, but Crawford believed his skills were superior. Crawford also had a mean streak that could influence the fight’s outcome.

The pay-per-view price was $84.99, and while the undercard was considered mediocre, the promotion capitalized on a lucrative ticket resale market. The fight started with a feeling-out round, but Crawford surprised Spence with a knockdown in the second round. Spence continued to push the fight, but Crawford showcased his skills throughout the match.

Ultimately, the long-awaited matchup between Spence and Crawford delivered on its expectations, with Crawford emerging as the dominant fighter.

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