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The Bills have been struggling, but will a game against the Broncos fix what ails them, or will it just exacerbate the problem? (Jeff Dean/Getty Images) (Jeff Dean via Getty Images)

The Buffalo Bills may be walking into a trap Monday night. They’ve looked a little off all season and have lost three of their last five games, including a frustrating loss to the Cincinnati Bengals last week. They desperately need a get-right game before their season spins out of control. Is playing the Denver Broncos what they need?

If they were facing the 2022 Broncos, there would be no question the Bills would take their lunch money and leave them with an atomic wedgie. But they’re facing the 2023 Broncos, and they’ve got a little more fight.

The Broncos are coming off a massive, earth-shaking win in Week 9. They defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, stunning the defending Super Bowl champions and holding them to just nine points while quarterback Russell Wilson and friends scored 24. That doesn’t necessarily mean the Broncos will stun a contending team for the second week in a row, but beating them might not be as easy as it was 365 days ago.

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