BN Verdict: Jake Paul beats Nate Diaz as boxing relapses following brief period of sobriety

In the 1976 classic Taxi Driver, the protagonist Travis Bickle experiences a brief moment of happiness with Betsy, a girl he admires from afar. He successfully charms her during a lunch date by pretending to be someone he’s not. However, their next interaction goes poorly when Travis reveals his true nature and tries to take Betsy to watch pornography. This pattern of self-sabotage and disappointment mirrors the state of boxing, exemplified by recent events involving Terence Crawford and Naoya Inoue. Despite their talent and potential, boxing continues to disappoint and fail to change. The recent news of Dillian Whyte’s failed drug test and a lackluster fight between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz further highlight the sport’s regression. It seems that boxing is content with maintaining its old ways and catering to a less discerning audience. The coverage and attention received by these events even overshadow the cancellation of another fight due to a failed drug test, emphasizing the sport’s focus on content and clicks rather than integrity.

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