BN Verdict: Eubank Jnr stops Smith in a rematch containing enough ambiguity to perhaps lead to a third fight

If Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith were to fight again, it would create an unusual trilogy in recent memory. Their first fight, which Smith won in four rounds, seemed conclusive, making a rematch unnecessary. However, Eubank Jr won the rematch convincingly, leaving little reason for a third fight unless Smith or those who enjoy incorrect predictions insist on it. But as proven in their previous fight, the ambiguity and doubt surrounding the result can lead to a reunion between fighters. In this rematch, Eubank Jr secured his revenge with a tenth-round stoppage, but the context and Smith’s ankle injury need to be considered. Smith appeared to be debilitated by the injury from early on in the fight, affecting his movement and making him an easy target for Eubank Jr. The injury hindered Smith’s ability to pose a threat throughout the fight. Despite entering the fight with the awareness that he could be knocked out, Eubank Jr displayed control and economy in his punches, constantly preventing Smith from gaining any advantage. Eubank Jr’s jabs and uppercuts were particularly effective, knocking Smith down in round four. Smith, however, fought on and tried to weather the storm, hoping to tire Eubank Jr before making a comeback, but Eubank Jr remained in control and continued to win rounds. Eventually, Eubank Jr timed the stoppage perfectly, sensing Smith’s decline and unleashing a flurry of punches that forced the referee to stop the fight. As for what happens next, it is unclear. A third fight between the two would make sense, considering they both have a stoppage win, but given the underwhelming nature of the rematch and the extenuating circumstances, it may not be eagerly anticipated. Eubank Jr wasted no time in calling out Conor Benn, Kell Brook, and Gennady Golovkin after the fight, indicating his desire for bigger names. This suggests that unfinished business for Eubank Jr involves moving on from his rivalry with Smith and facing more renowned opponents instead.

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