BN Verdict: Anthony Joshua expresses his relief after knocking out – in fine style – an opponent he was supposed to knock out

In many ways, Anthony Joshua’s spectacular knockout of Robert Helenius in London on August 12th can be compared to a hit executed by a mafia hitman. The theme from The Godfather playing in the background as Joshua made his way to the ring added to the atmosphere. The knockout punch was sudden, unseen, and merciless. It felt both unexpected and expected at the same time, considering Helenius’ previous losses and the nature of the match. Although Helenius was a late replacement, Joshua took his time and didn’t make much of an impression until the knockout. For Joshua, this fight seemed like a routine job that he had to approach strategically and professionally, with a detached mindset. He had to view it as just another task to complete, even though he had to manufacture some animosity between him and his opponent to stay motivated. However, it was clear that Joshua’s attempts to play the role of a bad boy were not authentic and often seemed forced. Despite the dramatic setup, it was ultimately just a job for Joshua.

Helenius was lured into a false sense of security during the fight, believing that Joshua would take it easy on him. It either demonstrated Joshua’s maturity and patience or highlighted Helenius’ lack of skill compared to top heavyweight fighters. Helenius seemed relaxed and confident in the ring and even outperformed Joshua at times. Joshua had to rely on his big right hand to gain confidence and believe in his ability to connect with powerful punches. He noticed Helenius leaning back, which allowed him to move in closer and dominate the fight. Although Helenius had a solid jab and agile movements, it didn’t pose a real threat to Joshua. In the end, Joshua delivered the knockout he had been planning and needed to secure a satisfying victory.

Winning in such a manner was important for Joshua, considering the circumstances surrounding the fight and the pressure on him to do more than just win. He celebrated the knockout as if he had defeated top opponents like Tyson Fury or Oleksandr Usyk. His immediate exit from the ring, fist-bumping everyone at ringside, and joking about carrying the heavyweight division demonstrated his relief and release after a complicated week. Joshua’s post-fight reactions have often provided insights into his mindset as a fighter. Following his defeat against Usyk, he admitted to saying too much, but this time, he seemed relieved that the ordeal, the Dillian Whyte saga, and the replacement fight were over. It appeared that, just like a hitman, he had been plagued by doubt until he finally accomplished his mission.

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