BN Verdict: Alvarez tames Munguia to remind him who’s boss

In every boy’s life, there comes a moment when an older male figure, like a father, uncle, or brother, challenges them to “come on, hit me. Give me your best shot” by placing a palm against their forehead. The boy, with shorter arms, takes on this challenge with frustration and youthful ignorance.

Last night in Las Vegas, Jaime Munguia experienced a similar feeling when he faced Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, resulting in a defeat by decision after 12 rounds. Despite the lack of impact, Munguia showed determination and resilience, willing to continue fighting against all odds.

Munguia, although chosen as a less experienced fighter for Canelo, showed courage and determination in the ring. He fought with intensity, pushing Canelo back and sticking to his belief that work-rate and aggression could lead to victory.

Despite his efforts, Munguia fell short against Alvarez due to his raw and overexuberant style. He showed promise but lacked the finesse needed to defeat an elite fighter like Canelo.

Alvarez, having learned from his own past experiences, patiently waited for Munguia to make mistakes and capitalized on them to secure a victory. He displayed control and wisdom in the ring, guiding the fight towards his favor.

Alvarez lands a left (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Canelo’s mastery over the fight was evident, as he used his experience and physical advantages to keep Munguia in check. Despite Munguia’s determination to challenge him, Canelo maintained control and ultimately emerged victorious.

Even when faced with defeat, Munguia never gave up and continued to give his best effort against the seasoned champion, Canelo.

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