BN Preview: Will Liam Smith vs. Chris Eubank II be remembered as an enigma’s last stand?

The captivating career of Chris Eubank Jnr may come to an end this weekend in the same city where it all began. Back in November 2011, Eubank Jnr made his debut on the undercard of Tyson Fury-Neven Pajkic at Event City in Manchester. A 22-year-old with a superstar father, Eubank Jnr walked into the ring full of bravado and intoxicated with machismo. Since then, he has struggled to sober up, both literally and metaphorically.

Eubank Jnr’s debut captured the attention of the boxing world. People were intrigued by his famous father, his fighting style, his confidence, and the promises he made. Some believed in his abilities from the start, but others thought he was all style and no substance.

Over the past twelve years, Eubank Jnr has been on a mission to prove himself as a top-class fighter based on merit alone. However, his mission is now at a crisis point as he faces Liverpool’s Liam Smith, who defeated him just eight months ago. That loss shocked Eubank Jnr and raised doubts about his punch resistance.

There are various reasons for Eubank Jnr’s poor form, including whispers that he was weight-drained in his previous fight and that his desire and training were not at a high level. The split from his father may have also affected his mindset.

To gain revenge, Eubank Jnr must study the mistakes he made in the previous fight and address his weaknesses. His confidence and belief in himself will be tested, as Smith remains unconvinced of his abilities.

Eubank Jnr once thrived on being himself, but his refusal to take instruction and belief that he didn’t need anyone’s help may backfire now that his reactions are slowing down and his chin is no longer as durable.

While Eubank Jnr has recently shown improvement under the guidance of Roy Jones Jnr and Terence Crawford’s trainer, Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre, their relationship is relatively new. Smith doubts that Eubank Jnr can learn much from a new coach in just four weeks.

In contrast, Smith has stability in his corner and has always prepared diligently. He is technically sound and exudes self-belief. After his previous win against Eubank Jnr, Smith is confident in his abilities.

In conclusion, the upcoming fight between Eubank Jnr and Smith could mark the end of Eubank Jnr’s career if he fails to perform. It will test his abilities, his punch resistance, and his mindset. Meanwhile, Smith remains confident and focused on coming out victorious once again.

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