10 things we learned from Ryan Garcia beating Devin Haney

1) Assume nothing

In the world of boxing, it is important to remember that claiming expertise can often lead to humbling surprises. What we think we know before a fight can easily be proven wrong.

2) Weight matters

Even a small weight difference, like the three pounds between Garcia and Haney, can impact a fight significantly. The avoidance of a weight cut by Garcia may have given him an advantage over Haney on fight night.

3) One special punch

While Haney relies on his consistent left jab, Garcia has the ability to change the course of a fight instantly with a powerful left hook. This unique skill set was the deciding factor between the two fighters.

4) Knockdowns matter

Knockdowns have the power to sway the outcome of a fight, and the multiple knockdowns scored by Garcia against Haney played a crucial role in determining the winner of the match.

5) Underestimate an opponent at your peril

Despite underestimating Garcia, Haney was influenced by his opponent’s actions, possibly leading him to believe the fight would be an easy victory. This mindset may have impacted his performance on fight night.

Ryan Garcia wobbles Devin Haney (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

6) And still…

Despite losing to Garcia, Haney retains the WBC super-welterweight title due to Garcia’s failure to make weight. While a small victory, it provides Haney with some leverage moving forward.

7) Welterweights?

Considering Garcia’s weight struggles and Haney’s difficulty in handling Garcia’s punches, both fighters may explore a future in the welterweight division, which is seven pounds higher.

8) Do it again

The fight between Garcia and Haney was intriguing, and a rematch between them would now be even more compelling and financially rewarding after Garcia’s dominant performance.

9) Bill Haney was wrong

Bill Haney’s predictions about the fight were inaccurate, and his pre-fight comments about sending his son to “kill” Garcia were misguided and inappropriate.

10) Ryan Garcia was right

Despite his controversial behavior, Ryan Garcia succeeded in unsettling and defeating Haney. While some may suggest it was all part of a plan, it likely gave Garcia too much credit.

Ryan Garcia (Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images)

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