What time does MC Championship (MCC) 27 Underdogs start?

The next MC Championship (MCC) event is nearly here with the Decision Dome soon to be full of eager competitors hoping that they will finally be able to claim victory in the special non-canon event. MCC 27 will feature the special theme of Underdogs, which means that every competitor participating has never won a canon event in the Minecraft tournament.

Although MCC events usually occur at the end of any given month, MCC Underdogs will instead run midway through and be live on Nov. 12. The 10 teams who are competing in the event have already been shared and the event is quickly approaching.

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Because MCC Underdogs is only for players who have never won a canonical installment of the event, many regular MCC players are sitting this one out and many surprising names are making their official MCC debut or returning at last. Popular streamers like Valkyrae and Sykkuno are playing for the second time, Ludwig is making a grand return after not participating since his debut in MCC 13, and Disguised Toast is participating for the first time.

Certain competitors, such as Foolish Gamers and KreekCraft, have won an event before, but it was a non-canonical one, which means that it does not officially count toward the overall MCC wins and they are thus allowed to compete in MCC Underdogs. This is because non-canon MCC events focus on a particular cause or theme, such as in MCC Pride or MCC Rising, rather than focusing on being entirely balanced and fair.

Image via Noxcrew

The lineup of games within the MCC Underdogs event has also been unveiled ahead of the event with Sky Battle, Rocket Spleef Rush, and Survival Games off the roster for MCC 27. Parkour Warrior, which made its grand return from the dead during the MCC 26 Halloween event, may get its second run if it is selected to be played in the Decision Dome by the teams competing in MCC Underdogs.

What time is MCC 27 at?

The special non-canon MCC 27 Underdogs event will air on Nov. 12 at 2pm CT. Fans may be able to tune in to pre-event festivities on the channels of their favorite competitors as many of them begin streaming sooner.

For the event itself, viewers can choose to watch from a competitor’s point of view by watching any of the 40 creators competing live on their platform of choice, which can be found on the MCC Live website. If you can’t decide who to watch, you can instead choose to watch from the administrator’s point of view to see many competitors at once on Noxcrew’s official Twitch channel.

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