These 10 heroes are crushing the Dota 2 Diretide meta

Seasonal game modes like Diretide can look like fun additions to Dota 2. Considering how competitive the meta can get in ranked Dota 2 matches, an alternate game mode is essentially a breath of fresh air until players break down its unique meta.

Shortly after Diretide’s 2022 release, some heroes rose above the rest as the top performers in the game mode. analyzed the pick and win rates of the most successful heroes in Diretide.

Picking these heroes in your next Diretide matches will statistically increase your chances of winning, as long as you’re also familiar with the mechanics.

Hero Win Rate Pick Rate
Spectre 61.7 percent 6.3 percent
Vengeful Spirit 59.5 percent 3.4 percent
Wraith King 57.8 percent 14.9 percent
Silencer 57.7 percent 17.2 percent
Abaddon 56.9 percent 4.6 percent
Underlord 56.6 percent 8.9 percent
Omniknight 56.1 percent 2.3 percent
Undying 55.7 percent 22.3 percent
Riki 55.7 percent 15.7 percent
Drow Ranger 55.7 percent 24.1 percent

There is a clear trend between global abilities and win rates in Diretide.

Spectre, Underlord, Omniknight, and Silencer perform exceptionally well in Diretide due to their unmatched presence on the map. Even if they miss a teamfight, they can still help out their team and potentially sneak in some candies on the other side of the map.

Vengeful Spirit and Wraith King shine at resurrecting. When these two heroes pick up an Aghanim’s Scepter, they become a nuisance to deal with for the enemy team. In general, teams will look into killing off a hero once and move on to other targets. Vengeful and WK can easily change the course of a teamfight after coming back from the dead.

Abaddon and Omniknight are the perfect supports; their shielding/healing abilities come in handy at all parts of the game. These two heroes provide a level of sustain that can carry almost any early-game teamfight.

Undying, Riki, and Drow Ranger are the top-performing teamfight specialists, as all three are decked with utility spells. Riki and Drow Ranger can change the course of a teamfight with their Silencing abilities while dishing out formidable amounts of damage. Undying, on the other hand, can take over skirmishes with well-placed Tombs as stealing strength in the meantime.

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