The best Sova lineups for each site on Lotus

At first glance, Valorant’s ninth map Lotus does not look like it is the best map for Sova, largely because of its enclosed sites. However, there are still Sova lineups you can use to gain the upper hand.

As always, Valorant’s most dependable lineup expert, Jonas “Average Jonas” Navarsete, has figured out how to maximize Sova’s Recon and Shock Bolts, showing off some easy lineups Sova mains can use on Lotus.

“It’s hard because all the walls are high, and everything is closed off, but it’s fun,” said Average Jonas. “It just takes time. I think the map will be hard to play without lineups.”

Average Jonas’ Sova lineups on Lotus

Recon Bolt for A Rubble and A Root

Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

This Recon Bolt lineup will reveal attackers holding A Rubble and A Root.

Stand next to the single stack box on A site and align the lines from your lower HUD – the lines next to your agent’s health indicator – with the lotus marking on the wall at A Tree. Charge to two bars and two bounces, then fire.

Your teammates peeking from A Stairs or A Main will be able to time their aggression better once the attackers are revealed.

Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

Recon Bolt for A Main

Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

Face your back against the wall between A Tree and A Main. Aim your crosshair directly at the wall of A Hut that’s nearest to A Main. Charge your shot to three bars and one bounce, then fire.

This dart will scan attackers approaching A Door and will be difficult to destroy because it lands on the far side of the wall near A Link.

To get easy kills with this Recon Bolt, you can purchase an Ares or Odin and shoot revealed targets through the revolving door.

Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

Shock Bolt for B site post-plant

Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

This dart will do heavy damage to defenders sticking the defuse on B site.

First, make sure your team plants the spike at the lowest level of B site. Make your way to A Link and hug the wall facing defender side spawn. Point your crosshair at the gap between the wall and aim for the root next to the small hole.

To help land the lineup, use the left mouse click icon on the bottom of your HUD and align it with the gaps of the stone blocks. Just hit left-click and use one bounce to land this lineup.

Double Shock Bolt lineup for C site post-plant

This lineup will instantly kill defenders defusing the spike on C site.

Make sure to plant the spike on the high ground of C site – the area that has an L-shaped wall. To pull off this lineup, stand on top of the ramp going up the ledge of C Hall. Next, aim your crosshair at the roof of C Hall. 

Position the left side of your lower HUD against the window of the wall connecting C Hall and C site. Shoot the first Shock Bolt with no power and no bounce. 

For the second dart, face the C site wall and aim for the space between the two wooden boards. Fire a no-power, single-bounce Shock Dart to damage the defuser.

But given the close proximity to the plant site, you’ll have to be careful of defenders pushing you. To increase the chances of success, have a teammate play first contact so they can delay the defuse. When the spike begins to tick faster, defenders will have no choice but to go for the defuse.

Easy double bounce Shock Bolts for A site and C site default plants

Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

As AverageJonas said, Lotus has high walls and everything is closed off. However, he found two spots on the A and C sites where players can shoot full-power, double bounce Shock Darts that will impact the spike.

To pull this off, plant the spike at the edge of A site, at the area nearest to A stairs and A main. This part of the site has a flat floor and no aerial obstruction.

Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

For C site, plant the spike at the corner of the upper platform closest to C main. Aim at the ground where the spike is planted, and fire two full-power, double-bounce Shock Bolts that will land on unsuspecting defusers.

To see the Sova lineups in action, watch Average Jonas’ video below.

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