The best agents to play alongside Harbor in VALORANT

VALORANT’s latest agent as of Episode Five, Act Three is the water-bending India-born controller Harbor, and his kit gives him the opportunity to be a very impactful agent in the game’s meta.

Harbor’s signature ability is one of his most valuable, a wall of water that’s direction can be controlled with the crosshair. It’s a wall with an incredible amount of length and duration, allowing Harbor to cover multiple choke points either in retakes or executes.

In addition, he has his Cove ability, which creates a water orb that can absorb bullets up to a limit (13 bullets with either the Vandal or the Phantom). Finally, his ultimate is ideal for clearing out sites, with a wide radius that concusses anyone stuck in it.

Whether you’re playing Harbor and fielding suggestions for your teammates, or whether someone’s already locked him in and you need to fill, here are some ideal choices for agents to play alongside him.

A primary flasher in Phoenix, Reyna, or KAY/O

Image via Riot Games

Whether it’s a duelist like Phoenix, Reyna, or Yoru, or an initiator like KAY/O, having someone to flash in through the walls is a must-have. With the range that the wall covers, a flash through should catch the opponents off guard given there’s so much ground to cover.

An initiator in Sova or Fade

Image via Riot Games

Aside from the value that initiators provide, the ones that provide the most value alongside Harbor are the ones like Sova and Fade that provide pinpoint accuracy on enemy positions with their abilities. Anyone on Harbor’s team that can see the enemy outline through the wall can instantly spam the water wall and take down the opposing player.

A primary smoker in Omen, Brimstone, or Astra

Image via Riot Games

As useful as Harbor’s abilities are, he falls a little short of the smoke ability requirements a team would need from their primary smoker. He can only deploy one smoke per round, and while it can absorb bullets, once that bullet-absorbing shield fades, the smoke almost instantly disappears. A team should still pick up an Omen, Brimstone, or an Astra to make up for Harbor’s smoker shortcomings.

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