TFT Set 8.5 NA Regional Finals standings, scores, and more

Regional Teamfight Tactics competitive play wrapped up in North America with the Set 8.5 Monsters’ Attack Regional Finals. 

Taking place from May 12 to 14, the NA Regional Finals for TFT Set 8.5 featured a total of 24 players. All players earned direct invites, competing for a total prize pool of $35,000 and three World Championship seeds. Top finishing players who didn’t make the Worlds cut were given a second chance for an invite through the Western Last Chance Qualifier tournament, taking place the following weekend. 

May 12 TFT 8.5 NA Regional Finals standings

Players competed in six games during the first day of the NA Regional Finals, with lobbies reseeded every two rounds. Eight players were eliminated based on tournament points, with 16 advancing to the second day of the tournament. 

Taking the lead after game one was Jukeyou and Bossoskills on the six Heart Pantheon Lulu reroll TFT comp, along with Robivankenob on seven InfiniTeam Sivir and Garen carry. Following half of the games played during day one at the NA Regional Finals, Jukeyou, Bossoskills, and RippleOverdrive were sitting atop the leaderboard.

Jukeyou after four games played was six points ahead of the field, earning three lobby wins. Close behind Jukeyou were Bossoskills and Dishsoap. Sitting under 10 points were Clear and Broccoli. Technical difficulties were had by Wisdom and Riot heading into game five, forcing an extended delay.

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