Sapnap joins NRG as co-owner and content creator

Sapnap, a Twitch streamer and YouTube creator primarily known for his Minecraft gameplay, has officially joined NRG as a content creator and co-owner.

An original member of the DreamSMP Minecraft server, Sapnap quickly gained popularity as a prominent Minecraft content creator. Over two years after beginning his career in content creation, Sapnap boasts over 3.1 million followers on Twitch, 4.67 million YouTube subscribers, and nearly 3 million Twitter followers.

Co-hosting the Banter podcast with fellow Minecrafters Karl Jacobs and GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap has since sought to branch out his content and business endeavors. Now, the popular multi-platform creator has joined the esports organization NRG as a co-owner and content creator.

NRG was founded by Sacramento Kings co-owners Mark Mastrov and Andy Miller in November 2015, with sports legends such as Alex Rodriguez, Shaquille O’Neal, and more later investing in the company. Since starting, NRG has invested in multiple esports titles with rosters in VALORANT, Overwatch, Apex Legends, and more. In more recent years, NRG has expanded its content creation division, notably signing Bucke, Clix, Willius, and more.

The esports organization teased Sapnap’s eventual announcement the day prior, saying that the company had “one of the biggest creator announcements ever.” Officially revealing the Minecrafter as a core member of the organization now, NRG has fully embraced its new co-owner, even featuring the creator on the page’s Twitter banner.

It is unclear exactly what Sapnap’s role as co-owner will entail, but fans can likely expect Sapnap to appear in NRG video content and incorporate NRG members, graphics, and sponsors within his own content.

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