Razer Unveils New BlackShark V2 Pro Esports Headset

Razer has a new gaming headset out on the market for competitions as they revealed the BlackShark V2 Pro Esports Headset.

Razer has a brand new gaming headset on the market this week specifically designed for esports competitions with the BlackShark V2 Pro Esports Headset. Building off the previous version of the headset, the company went all out to make this a better version to hold up to hours upon hours of constant usage. This includes adding in their HyperClear Super Wideband Mic, as well as built-in Pro-Tuned FPS Profiles, a 70-hour battery, Type C charging capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity, and other minor changes to make it a must-use peripheral. We got more info below as it’s currently on sale for $200.

Credit: Razer

“The Razer team set out to further innovate on award-winning features with the introduction of the HyperClear Super Wideband Mic for high-definition and pro-level voice quality. Surpassing the expectations for wireless headset mic performance, this next-gen detachable mic captures an astounding level of detail in gamers’ voices through a wider frequency range of sound. As a result, every shot call with teammates comes through clear, rich, and natural. Perfectly tuned with some of the top esports athletes in the world, gamers can now experience audio like the pros do with on-headset FPS audio profiles that provide maximum information for the ultimate competitive edge. Gamers can effortlessly customize multiple profiles through Razer Synapse, save them directly to the headset, and be ready to excel on-the-go with no additional software required.”

“With more than triple the battery life of the last iteration, the 2023 BlackShark V2 Pro boasts up to 70 hours of gameplay, and 6 hours of battery from a mere 15-minute charge through an updated Type C connection. Gamers can now relish non-stop, uninterrupted competitive gameplay over multiple days with minimal downtime. With premium comfort as a design cornerstone of the BlackShark line, this headset continues to feature noise-isolating earcups and ultra-soft memory foam for uninterrupted focus and long-lasting comfort. The closed earcups create an ideal seal to block out distractions while breathable fabric ensures optimal comfort when competing.”

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