PUBG Mobile veterans Zuxxy and Luxxy leave Bigetron Esports

In a shocking turn of events, popular PUBG Mobile veterans and twins Zuxxy and Luxxy bid farewell to Bigetron Esports after being part of the organization for around five years. Both Indonesian superstars began their esports journey in 2018 playing for the aforementioned team and, over the years, have earned a massive fan following by winning a number of major events, including PMCO 2019 Fall Global Finals and World League East 2020.

To announce the duo’s departure, Bigetron made an emotional post on its social media pages that read:

“It’s time to say goodbye Bigetroopers, it’s been five years since we’ve been together, and today we have to say goodbye to Luxxy and Zuxxy. At every meeting, there will be a farewell, and goodbyes hurt…. So many memories and stories.”

The organization went on to thank Luxxy and Zuxxy for their contributions, saying:

“There have been many achievements, joys, sorrows, and togetherness that we have passed together. But today the time has come for us to part ways…. Thank you Luxxy and Zuxxy for all your contributions and hard work in various competitions together, Bigetron! See you next time opportunity, and good luck!”

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Bigetron bids farewell to PUBG Mobile stars Zuxxy and Luxxy

Luxxy and Zuxxy are some of the oldest esports players in the PUBG Mobile esports circuit, as they have been competing since the first official tournament was held in 2018. Bigetron RA announced their entry into game’s competitive scene on May 28, 2018, by signing the 19-year-old twins alongside NaTic and KinGzz.

With this squad, the organization became the champions of the Indonesia National Championship (PINC), which was their first official tournament, and advanced to the PMSC 2018, the first PUBG Mobile global event. The team then signed Ryzen, who is also considered among the top athletes in the scene and is still a part of the side.

And we have new World Champions! @realbigetron has won the #PMCO2019 Fall Split Global Finals sponsored by Vivo, dominating the competition at every stage! Congrats Bigetron, you earned it!

And we have new World Champions! @realbigetron has won the #PMCO2019 Fall Split Global Finals sponsored by Vivo, dominating the competition at every stage! Congrats Bigetron, you earned it!

In 2019, the squad lifted trophies in some big events like the PMCO Spring Indonesia qualifier, Fall Split SEA League, and the prestigious Club Open Fall: Global Finals, which was the second international championship of the year. Zuxxy was the MVP in the Global Finals after showing his mesmerizing exploits. 2019 also saw some changes in Bigetron’s roster as NaTic and KinGzz left the team while Microboy joined them.

The squad maintained its legacy in 2020, claiming several events throughout the year. They emerged victorious in the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL): EAST in a dominant fashion. Both Zuxxy and Luxxy displayed outstanding performances in the tournament. The team also claimed victory in the PMPL SEA Season 2. Moreover, Zuxxy won the Mobile Esports Player of the Year at the Esports Awards 2020.

Bigetron earned fifth place in the inaugural edition of the Global Championship (PMGC) and after this. Moreover, Zuxxy bagged the MVP title in the PMPL Indonesia Season 3 in 2021, where his team finished second in the overall standings. They grabbed the runner-up spot in the PMPL SEA Season 4, where Luxxy was given the MVP award.

However, the team’s performances have started to decline as they haven’t won any official tournaments in the last two years. They presented disappointing gameplay at PMGC 2021, where their team finished 16th in the league stage and failed to qualify for the Grand Finals. They saw mediocre results in 2022 as well, finishing sixth in the PMWI Afterparty and 26th in the recently concluded PMGC.

THANK YOU AND GOOD BYE, OUR LEGENDSIt’s been 5 years together with you guys, a lot of memory that we have made together wont fade. Thankyou for everything you guys have done for Bigetron Esports. Now it’s time to say goodbye. You guys will be missed

The 2023 season of PUBG Mobile esports is about to start in a few weeks, and it will be interesting to see which team the twins join for their future journey.

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