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Valorant Challengers South Asia Split 2 is an important event for the competing teams. The winners will have the opportunity to represent the region at the Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific, to be held later this year. Teams must battle it out in their respective groups during the League Stage, followed by the Playoffs to qualify.

After a close Group B encounter, where True Rippers edged out Medal Esports, the stage is set for the Group A match, where Revenant Esports begin their campaign against MLT Esports on April 30, 2023. Here is everything you need to know about today’s match.

MLT Esports vs Revenant Esports in Valorant Challengers South Asia Split 2


MLT Esports’ debut in the Valorant Challengers South Asia Split 1 left much to be desired, as their performance was relatively underwhelming except for a few maps. However, the all-Indian roster will look for an improved performance and a positive start to the tournament.

However, the team has not seen much of Revenant Esports’ play and preparation in recent times. Despite being unfamiliar with their opponents’ playstyle, MLT Esports could give Revenant Esports a fight.

While predicting the winner of the match is not easy, Revenant Esports has the upper hand.


The two teams have had no previous Valorant encounters, adding an element of unpredictability to today’s matchup in the tournament.

Recent results

During the first split of the tournament, MLT Esports had a relatively uneventful run, as their only victory came against GodLike Esports, where they won two maps on the trot to close the series. However, the team faltered against True Rippers, Gods Reign, and Velocity Gaming, scoring 0 to 2. The roster fought well on a few individual maps, but that was not enough.

On the contrary, Revenant Esports missed out on the first split of the tournament, and their previous matches were back in December 2022, where they suffered defeats at the hands of Bleed, BOOM Esports, and Velocity Gaming.

However, these results may not indicate their performance or form, as the team did not feature rite2ace at the time. Furthermore, the roster underwent a minor change, with Whimp leaving and 1TapGoD joining the team.

Potential lineup for match

MLT Esports

  • Venkatesh “Venka” Sharma
  • Abhay “KnightRider” Mulchandani
  • Atharv “Rio” Ahire
  • Saharyar “BadmanN” Shaikh
  • Jay “BADlove” Patil

Revenant Esports

  • Kasif “Paradox” Sayyed
  • Joshua “JoshS” Miles Santos
  • Enrico “Ching” Perez
  • Tejas “rite2ace” Sawant
  • Sahil “1TaPGoD” Duble

Where to watch MLT Esports vs Revenant Esports in Valorant Challengers South Asia Split 2?

Fans of both teams can catch the action on April 30, 2023, from 8 pm IST (GMT +5:30) onwards. The matchup will be streamed on NODWIN Gaming’s YouTube and Loco channels.

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