Philippines-Based Esports Stores : tier one entertainment

Tier One Entertainment has opened doors to its BLCKBOX flagship store in Manila, Philippines. The store will primarily sell esports merchandise and limited edition items like jerseys, team-specific products, and more. Tier One, which is heavily involved in talent management, is the umbrella organization for over 1000 content producers. In 2019, Tier One started producing items, and in 2021, it unveiled BLCKBOX as a distinct gaming and lifestyle fashion brand. In addition to providing jerseys for Blacklist International, BLCKBOX has worked with other notable individuals to increase access to gaming-related streetwear in the Philippines.

The physical store is the brand’s first, offering merchandise that was previously only available on its online website. The ‘Day One Collection,’ a limited-edition product release, will be used to commemorate the store’s launch.

Image Credit: Tier One Entertainment

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