MultiVersus struck down by Black Adam delay

MultiVersus’ latest addition, Black Adam, has been postponed for an unknown amount of time. This announcement comes only days after the DC villain was originally slated to join the crossover platform fighter’s roster later this week.

Following Black Adam’s theatrical debut, the character was originally intended to join the Warner Bros. fighting game alongside the highly-anticipated Arcade Mode before season one’s close. The arch-nemesis of Shazam was teased in a video released by MultiVersus, but actual gameplay of Black Adam has still yet to be seen.

Now, it appears that players will have to wait a bit longer before being able to play the wizard in MultiVersus. Player First Games said the character “is not quite ready to change the hierarchy of MultiVersus. While the character will continue to see further tuning, it is unclear exactly when players can expect to see the DC character eventually implemented into the game. It is also unconfirmed whether or not Arcade Mode will come out when it was originally slated to or if it will join the delay alongside Black Adam.

Either way, Black Adam’s release will likely come with the final update of season one. While the season brought new maps, cosmetics, and characters such as Morty, Gizmo, and more, MultiVersus’ first chapter is soon to come to a close. Season two is set to release sometime in mid-November, making Black Adam and Arcade Mode the final releases of MultiVersus’ inaugural season.

Much has yet to be learned about Black Adam as a character, with his class, move set, and more remaining a mystery. The DC wizard will continue to be shrouded in obscurity for a little longer, so players can only bide their time before Black Adam is officially released.

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