KRU Esports Acquire Xand for VCT 2023

KRU Esports sign Xand for VCT 2023 as they gear up with a new roster after the departure of Mazino and Keznitdeus.

The KRU roster has felt a bit off since the departure of Keznitdeus and Mazino; since Xand has joined the team, the fans can feel sparks. The roster for KRU Esports is complete as they acquire a CS: GO and CS: Source player. Xand has a lot of FPS experience under his belt, and his main agent is Jett.

KRU has fallen off since the last VCT season since they could not even make it to the top 8 of the Valorant Champions 2022 tournament. However, things are looking up as they sign new players for VCT 2023.

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KRU Esports Acquires Xand

VCT’s Twitter handle congratulated KRU esports and Xand for making it to the respective team in the above Tweet. However, why did KRU acquire Xand? What is his significance? Let us talk about that and how KRU is looking for VCT 2023.

With the acquisition of Xand, KRU gets a definite player who can confidently enter the site and duel. They lacked that team composition as Keznit and the others could not coordinate well with each other. Along with Xand, KRU acquired Melser, Axeddy, and Daveeys, while NagZ is still on the team with Klaus as IGL.

It will be interesting to see how this new team gears up against heavy hitters like Fnatic, C9, and Sentinels, as those teams have also made heavy acquisitions. Acquisitions include yay, Zellsis, Leo, Sacy, and Pancada. VCT 2023 is gearing up to be a clash of various regional titans as players we never thought would play with each other are on the same teams.

With Klaus at the helm and Nagz locking down sites using Chamber and Killjoy, it will be a treat to see the new acquisitions play their own game rather than follow a set pattern.

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