Influence Chemin Esports wins PM Pro League Fall Americas Championship

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Influence Chemin Esports racked up 57 points on Sunday during the final six rounds of action to win the PUBG Mobile Pro League Fall Americas Championship.

Influence Chemin Esports finished with a total of 283 points to win the $23,000 first-place prize and qualified for the 2022 PUBG Mobile Global Championship along with Alpha7 Esports (45 points Sunday, 275 total) and INCO Gaming (25, 246).

Sixteen teams competed in the event, which started on Thursday. The top five teams from North American league play, Latin American league play and South American league play qualified for the event, with Influence Chemin Esports joining the field as the 16th team after winning the Spring Americas Championship.

There were 24 total rounds of action, with six being played each day. Teams received points based on where they finished in each round. First-place finishes resulted in 15 points, a second-place finish gifted 12, third place rewarded 10, fourth dealt out eight and so on. Those that finished 13th, 14th, 15th or 16th were the only teams to not earn points for that round.

The three teams with the most points by the end of the event qualified for the 2022 PUBG Mobile Global Championship. If any of those three teams had already qualified for the event, the next-best squad(s) would be sent to the Global Championship.

Due to this rule, Team Queso qualified despite finishing in sixth place at the Fall Americas Championship. Three of the top five teams had already earned a spot in the Global Championship due to qualification points, allowing Queso to sneak in.

PUBG Mobile Pro League Fall Americas Championship final results (initial prize pool: $150,000):

1. $23,000 — Influence Chemin Esports (qualifies for PMGC)
2. $18,000 — Alpha7 Esports (previously qualified for PMGC)
3. $14,000 — iNCO Gaming (qualifies for PMGC)
4. $11,000 — Knights (previously qualified for PMGC)
5. $9,000 — Keyd Stars (previously qualified for PMGC)
6. $9,000 — Team Queso (qualifies for PMGC)
7. $7,500 — Aton Esports
8. $7,500 — Xtreme Slayers
9. $6,500 — Furious Gaming
10. $6,500 — Infinity
11. $6,500 — Loops
12. $6,500 — Execute
13. $6,000 — Rise Esports
14. $6,000 — Team Jaguar
15. $6,000 — Nova Esports NA
16. $6,000 — Just 4 Fun

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