How to get your ranked gun buddy in VALORANT

When you finally find that one weapon and agent in VALORANT, you’ll naturally want to deck them out with various cosmetics. Gun buddies are little cosmetic items that can be attached to guns in VALORANT.

You can purchase gun buddies from the in-game shop in specific rotations or unlock them through the battle pass. But there’s also a free way to unlock a gun buddy in each VALORANT season, and that’s simply by playing the game.

How to get a ranked gun buddy after each VALORANT act

Players will need to complete their placement matches in a respective VALORANT act to get a ranked gun buddy at the end. You don’t have to stress over dropping ranks throughout the season as well since the reward system will consider your highest achievement throughout an act.

Screengrab via Riot Games

How to claim the latest ranked gun buddy in VALORANT

Your ranked gun buddy from the last act will automatically be added to your account once the new one starts. After logging in for the first time in a new act, navigate to your collection and choose a weapon.

While inspecting a weapon, check the gun buddies tab, and the latest rank gun buddy should be available there. Once you deck your weapon out with a ranked gun buddy, everyone in your match who’s spectating you will be able to see your rank from the last act.

If you’re looking to go on a dedicated ranked climb, equipping your ranked gun buddy from the last season can be a nice reminder of your roots and how much you’ve improved in the process.

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