How to get cards in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is the newest online card game developed by Second Dinner. There are many heroes and villains available to add to the collection and put them to battle in famous locations across the Marvel universe.

At the beginning of the game, players will receive many starting cards to learn the different mechanics present during battles. It doesn’t take long from there for players to access the store and realize that it’s not possible to buy new cards, only variants of those already in their collections.

With opponents using different cards the question is: “How do I get more?”

How to get cards in Marvel Snap?

The developers at Second Dinner made it clear to fans all cards in the game would be unlockable rather than purchasable. The only exception so far is the special Season Pass cards, which are earned through the Season Pass premium reward track. But, even these cards will be added to the unlockable card pools after the completion of their seasons.

Next, we will see all the available ways to unlock cards in Marvel Snap.

Starter Deck

Right at the beginning of the game, a pre-built deck is available for players so that they can start getting used to the different mechanics such as On Reveal, and Ongoing, among others. There are thirteen cards available at this point in the game and after the tutorials, players will start unlocking their first cards.

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Recruit Season Cards

The first missions available to players after the tutorial guarantee points for the Recruit Season, a form of season pass for beginners, it is shorter, completely free and its rewards are always fixed. In addition to variants, there are five cards unlockable via your reward track. The quests are simple and it doesn’t take many matches for players to get them all.

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Season Pass cards

Each season in Marvel Snap usually lasts four to five weeks and they put the spotlight on a new card added to the game.

All players can obtain these cards by purchasing the Premium Season Pass as it is the first reward available. A new variant is also available at level 50 of the pass.

Players who do not want to buy the Premium will have to wait for the season to end for the card to be added at some point to some pool of unlockable cards by Collection Level.

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Collection Level cards

The collection level is a Marvel Snap-specific reward track that serves as the primary way players acquire cards.

Starting at level 1 and going up to over eight thousand, different types of rewards become available as the player progresses through their collection level, including Boosters, Credits, and Mystery Cards.

Each Mystery Card acquired is a new random card that the player receives within a specific pool of options. This means all players will receive the same cards until they reach collection level 214, for example, which marks the end of pool one cards.

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How to increase the collection level in Marvel Snap?

Each card in the player’s collection has a rarity. This rarity can be improved by using Boosters for the card in question and a number of credits specific to the rarity the card is at. Each upgrade made to a card rewards the player with collection points according to the rarity reached.

So, upgrading a common Iron Man to an uncommon rarity costs five Iron Man boosters and 25 Credits. This upgrade makes the player advance one point in their collection level. Iron Man’s next upgrade will cost 10 booster packs and 100 credits but will reward the player with two points toward the collection level.

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Boosters are acquired simply by playing matches.

Players receive a number of booster packs equal to the number of rounds their game has played for a random card present in the deck that was used. Credits are obtained in a number of different ways, but the main ones are daily and weekly quests.

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How to increase the collection level quickly in Marvel Snap?

If you want to get a specific card, the only way to do that is to get as many Mystery Cards as possible until you get the one you want.

It is possible to increase the collection level quickly by giving up some cubes. Within the Marvel Snap Collection menu, there is an option to organize the cards on the lower left side of the screen. Activate the Upgradeable option and the cards that are higher will be the ones that need fewer boosters to be able to receive an upgrade.

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Create a deck with the first twelve cards and you will have a competitive abomination, but if you always retreat on the last turn or when an opponent Snaps you will receive the same amount of boosters for the price of a cube in your ranking and in a few games you will have enough to upgrade and receive new cards.

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