Four best six cost cards in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is an online turn-based card game. Players play at the same time without knowing which cards their opponent is playing that turn. In the last turn, players have access to six energy, being able to play the most powerful cards individually in that turn. Here are the best six-cost cards in Marvel Snap.

Because it’s a fast-paced game with decks made up of only 12 cards, the deckbuilding element is extremely helpful for Marvel Snap players to progress in their ranked season rewards.

Six-cost cards will usually have one or two spaces in most decks. The following list shows the best six-cost cards and how to use them.

The best six-cost cards in Marvel Snap

Keep in mind some will be specific to certain strategies while others may be staples, that is, a card that can be played in almost any situation and still be favorable.

America Chavez

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America Chavez is a six-cost, nine-power card. Its effect is “You always draw this card on turn 6, and not before.” It is one of the cards available in pool one and that’s why it’s part of the collection of most Marvel Snap players.

Its utility, however, has space even among decks made up of pool three cards. This is because it is the only card with the effect of being drawn only on the sixth turn. This makes any deck more consistent during previous turns, as the player will effectively be drawing cards from an 11-card deck.

This consistency is especially important in decks with combo strategies, which focus on cards like Wong, Hela, and Onslaught. In addition, its power of nine grants the last turn a certain potency, sufficient to win some games.

It might not be the most powerful six-cost card, but your opponent might not draw the Hulk until the final turn, while you can definitely count on America Chavez.

Doctor Doom

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Doctor Doom is a six-cost, five-power card. Its effect is “On Reveal: Add a five-Power DoomBot to each other location.” It is available from pool three and even though its power may not be the greatest, its effect completely compensates. In total, playing Doctor Doom can add up to 15 power if there is space on the board. Playing the last round in all locations can surprise your opponent and guarantee you some extra cubes because even if they invest resources to win one location, you will still add power in the other two.

Doctor Doom is especially effective in situations where locations do not allow cards to be played, such as after the effect of Storm or Sanctum Sanctorum and Death’s Domain locations. In addition, Doombots count as units without effects that can receive more power from cards like Patriot or Blue Marvel.


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Magneto is a six-cost, 12-power card. Its effect is “On Reveal: Move all opposing 3 and 4-Cost cards to this location.” It is available from pool three and is one of the most powerful six-cost cards, rivaling Hulk, but with an effect that can be used to your advantage.

The first way to play Magneto and take advantage of his immense power is to play him in a location where your opponent cannot add cards, such as a location that is already fully occupied. In addition, moving your opponent’s cards is a skill that can be very oppressive if played well; it takes away much of your opponent’s agency and changes the amount of power from other locations.

Combining Magneto with cards like Aero gives you great control over how your opponent’s board will look in the end. Magneto can also counter popular strategies like Wong, changing Wong’s location before he can use its effect.

The Infinaut

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The Infinaut is a six-cost, 20-power card. Its effect is: “If you played a card last turn, you can’t play this.” It is available from pool two and is the highest raw power card currently available in Marvel Snap. So much power comes with a drawback, of course, but there are several cards that can overcome this drawback.

Playing a Sunspot in the early rounds, for example, can help make up for skipping the fifth round. A discard deck can use Ghost Rider’s effect to bring Infinaut to the board, and of course, the most popular combination with Jubilee can create games where Infinaut appears on the fourth turn, potentially scaring your opponent from continuing until the final turn.

Final words

Choosing the best six-cost Marvel Snap card will always depend on your current collection level and your play style and deck composition. This list is a few recommendations that can work for many different decks, but the best option is to try a few different cards and see which cards your final rounds go best with.

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