Esports centre GG Gaming opens in Bradford

A BRADFORD business owner is hoping to improve footfall in the city centre after opening a new and exciting esports gaming hub.

Awais Hussain opened GG Gaming last month, adding to VR City and Looney Golf, the two other leisure facilities at the former Boyes unit on North Parade.

Esports – or electronic sports – sees gamers compete, either individually or in teams, and its global market is valued at just over $1.38billion.

Awais, 28, also claimed that GG Gaming is now the biggest gaming lounge in Bradford.

“We’re bringing a new element to the city,” he added.

“Not a lot of money has gone into Bradford, so I hope we can give people more of an incentive to come here.

“Some gaming lounges in Bradford are not always as family friendly, but GG Gaming definitely is. I’d encourage people to get involved and come along.”

Awais took part in esports himself, at a time where it was not as mainstream.

“At school I was into esports, but back then only a few people knew about it. It wasn’t a big deal like it is now.

“Today, it’s a lot more visible. It’s more accepted culturally, as well. Being South Asian, your parents wouldn’t normally encourage you to play games or see it as a career path.

“I used to work for Bradford Council and supported a lot of ‘BAME’ people. So I hope that, by establishing GG Gaming, I can be a role model.”

Awais added that – particularly amid the current economic climate – GG Gaming will allow families to enjoy themselves for less.

“A PlayStation 5, for example, is a luxury item which the average family in Bradford can’t really afford,” he said.

“Even if a family could afford a PS5, they might not be able to afford the right headset or have a good internet connection. So GG Gaming will help to make sure they don’t have to worry about that.

“I used to be a spectator, too – I couldn’t afford a gaming PC or a PS5. But at GG Gaming we have seven PS5s. A gaming PC is hard to come across, but we have 10.

“We also have an amazing set up – we even have a UFC cage where you get that proper feel factor. It’s very different.”

One hour in the main lounge at GG Gaming costs £8, while an hour in the VIP lounge – which Awais said is perfect for families and groups of friends – is £15 an hour.

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