Esports Business Collaborations : blast premier

BLAST Premier has appointed CSM Sport and Entertainment as its Sales Agency of Record in a new deal. Future business collaborations for BLAST Premier will be made possible with the aid of CSM. Additionally, Adam Mundie, formerly of EXCEL Esports, has joined CSM as its new Senior Account Director, and Brian Millman has transferred from Evil Geniuses to the company’s esports division.

CSM has previously worked with Jaguar, Alpine Racing, AIA, Verizon, and other names in the entertainment industry on a series of campaigns and activations. BLAST’s previous partnerships include Coinbase, Betway, and MAERSK. The organization hopes that with CSM’s help, it will be able to secure new partnerships and bolster its international presence in esports.

Image Credit: BLAST Premier, Michal Konkol

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