Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19

Team Spirit vs Talon Esports will be among the first and most interesting matches, so let’s learn.

If you watch the second day of DreamLeague Season 19 Group B, you can watch the epic series Team Spirit vs Talon Esports series. The best in EEU and SEA are among the top teams in the Dota 2 world right now, meaning the match will be amazing to watch. Of course, it is also possible to bet on it because the best Dota 2 betting sites will offer it.

Team Spirit vs Talon Esports Preview

These 2 powerhouses will have already played 2 matches prior to this series. Consequently, the Team Spirit vs Talon Esports match will be important because there will be just a couple of days left until the group stage. Needless to say, this match will be way more intriguing.

Team Spirit

The leaders in Eastern Europe are among the big favorites at DreamLeague Season 19 for a reason. Even though Yatoro and the rest haven’t won a big international tournament in a while, the squad will be among the main contenders at The Berlin Major 2023. However, before that, it will have to play against the SEA powerhouse.

Talon Esports

Every Dota 2 fan knows that Talon Esports is one of the best teams in Southeast Asia and in the world. Although Spirit looks like the big favorite, Talon Esports vs Team Spirit is a match where everything is possible. That’s one of the reasons why so many people will be interested in watching it.

Team Spirit vs Talon Esports Predictions

Both teams have what it takes to win the Team Spirit vs Talon Esports matchup. However, considering that the series on the Group Stage of DreamLeague Season 19 are Bo2, we think this match will end in a draw. 

First Map Winner

Team Spirit is the favorite in this clash, so we expect them to win the first map. Yatoro and the rest will most likely focus on their best heroes to win the series.

Total Kills Per Game

If the Team Spirit vs Talon Esports ends in a draw, we think that both squids will have at least 30+ kills in the game where they win. Nevertheless, there might be even more kills, depending on the game’s length.

Number of Divine Rapiers

Although both of these Dota 2 teams have played several games where they’ve bought Divine Rapiers, we don’t expect to see this item in action here. Consequently, we think there will be 0 Divine Rapiers in this match.

Star of the Match

There are several players to watch in the Team Spirit vs Talon Esports match. 23savage is definitely one of them, but Yatoro is probably going to be more important for his team.

Team Spirit vs Talon Esports – Where to Watch?

If you want to watch this match, go to Twitch or YouTube on April 10. Don’t forget to go through our DreamLeague Season 19 predictions because we have a lot of other information.

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