Coach Duckey hints on Falcon Esports’ disbandment

FALCON ESPORTS, a team that has captured the hearts of the Philippine Mobile Legends community with their performances in the MSC 2022, M4 World Championship, and even SEA Games 2023, might disband given the rumors surrounding them.

On Instagram, Min “Naomi” Ko posted a story that would hint on the team’s last hurrah saying, “Actually we all talked and decided, this will be our last tour (SEA Games 2023) together.”

His story was later screenshotted and published in an MLBB public group in Facebook.

Eventually, Sibol and Bren Esports head coach, Francis “Duckey” Glindro commented on the post revealing what he learned while conversing with the pride of Myanmer’s MLBB scene.

He started: “Yep, talked to Justin in Cambodia. He said they don’t get along really well as a team and that there’s not much tournaments to go around with.”

Then when talking about the likelihood of them taking their talents abroad, he revealed their chances saying: “I personally feel they won’t, but they would fit really well into teams that speak decent English kase when I talked to them they could handle a straight English conversation with me.”


However, one player was placed under the microscope. Swan “RubyDD” Aung has been a thorn in international tournaments given his impressive display of abilities, however Duckey did mention that his current situation might hinder an overseas move.

“RubyDD will unlikely play overseas. He’s got a wife and a daughter,” revealed Duckey.

More hints on Falcon’s situation

Naomi’s story which was publicly revealed in the group wasn’t the only hint regarding Falcon’s future as the Burmese roamer answered numerous questions from fans.

One issue that could potentially cause for their disbandment stems from the electricity problems plaguing his country. Naomi explained that the team would have sudden brownouts every four hours.

Eventually his teammate Kyaw Zin “Zippx” Bo posted on his personal Facebook page that Falcon has already removed their head coach, Zaya Win “Sayargyi” Paing, in the MLBB client’s squad list.

Throughout their numerous campaigns in the MLBB scene, Falcon has served as an inspiration to many given how they managed to overcome the hurdles that they faced.

Despite the social problems in their country, Falcon defied the odds and finished 4th in the MSC 2022 and 5th-6th in the M4 World Championship, losing to notable powerhouses namely Omega Esports and RRQ Hoshi respectively.

Given the current status of the team, will Falcon Esports cease their operations? Will the members of the team make the leap of faith and take their talents elsewhere?

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