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Seasons are a blessing.

With all the turmoil that is going on in this world at this time, let us concentrate on all the beauty that surrounds us.

Winter seems to be a long and drawn-out time. We endure dark nights and long days. Our bodies lose energy because of the distant sun.

The trees are lifeless and gloomy looking. Then when you least expect it, the snow begins to fall, the ground is covered with a blanket of pure white, there is a beauty of ice hanging from those lifeless looking trees, illuminating the earth.

Winter doesn’t seem too bad at all, does it?

Springtime is coming next.

You can smell the fresh air blowing in the wind. All the life of nature recaptures our lives. The flowers are beginning to bloom, the trees that been in a dormant stage are starting to bud.

The birds are coming back from the south. The sunny days make your body fill with the energy that had been lost in those winter months.

Summertime is next.

The sun is very close to the earth, days are long and pleasant.

Very hot days are sometimes hard to deal with, but when you can sit on your porch and watch the hummingbirds fly in and out of the feeder, porch life is fun.

Oh yeah, nothing better than getting together with relatives at family reunions with hot dogs and hamburgers.

Life is good.

Here comes fall, not wanting the summer to end. Some days are warm and cozy, nights are a little cool. No more sitting on the porch swing.

Your body is beginning to lose some of that energy that springtime has given us.

All of a sudden, the trees begin to take your breath away with their scenes of beauty.

It is hard to concentrate on the road as you travel. You can’t help but glance at the surroundings that mother nature has provided.

When we are troubled with the issues of the world, remember what God has given us with all these seasons: A chance to reflect.

Dorothy Cavalet


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