Can Shuppet and Banette be Shiny in Pokémon Go?

As Halloween approaches, Pokémon Go fans can find more Ghost-types and spooky monsters in the wild, as well as in Eggs and Raids. The celebration is one of the most important events of the year, bringing back popular species and adding new content to the game. That includes new Shiny forms, new Mega Evolutions, and new Pokémon.

Among the Pokémon featured in the lineup of this year’s Halloween celebration is Shuppet, who appears in the wild and as a Field Research task encounter for the first half of the party. If finding a Shiny of your favorite species is important to you, you might be wondering if Shuppet and its evolution Banette can be Shiny in Pokémon Go.

Can Shuppet and Banette be Shiny in Pokémon Go?

Shuppet has been a staple in Halloween events since it became available in the mobile game in October 2017. Every year, the Puppet Pokémon returns for the spooky season, along with its evolution Banette, who usually appears as a tier-three Raid Boss. You can also get Banette by using 50 Candy to evolve your favorite Shuppet.

In the case of Shuppet and Banette, trainers did not need to wait long for their Shiny variants to become available in Pokémon Go—less than two weeks. Both Pokémon were introduced in the game on Oct. 20, 2017, while their Shiny counterparts launched on Oct. 31, 2017. That was a long time ago and things were a little different than they are now.

As a Shiny, Banette trades its black for Shuppet’s original dark blue shade, while Shiny Shuppet trades the dark blue for a teal. Both Pokémon have also had their Shadow forms available in the game since October 2019.

Can Mega Banette be Shiny in Pokémon Go?

One of the new releases for Halloween 2022 is Mega Banette, which you can face as a Mega Raid Boss. To Mega Evolve Banette into Mega Banette, you need 100 Banette Mega Energy, obtainable from fighting the Pokémon in Mega Raids. And luckily, that Mega Evolution was added to the game with its Shiny counterpart available from the start.

That is because Shiny Banette is already in the game, which means Mega Evolving your Shiny will also result in a Shiny Mega. As a Shiny, Mega Banette is a pink shadowy shape with a dark teal cover.

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