AcadArena Space looks to empower campus esports

AcadArena is launching its own student hubs for gaming, esports and tech called AcadArena Spaces with the first of its kind rising at the National University (NU) campus in April.

AcadArena CEO Kevin Hoang

Fully-equipped with high-end PCs and student lounge to study, play, and host esports events within the campus, AcadArena Spaces are geared to provide not only a simple computer laboratory for academic institutions but also create an environment that nurtures student gamers and the country’s future esports athletes.

“We’ve always treated campuses as our partners in esports, thus when developing Spaces we focus on balancing the specific needs of a campus with the wants of esports athletes and student gamers,” says AcadArena Scholastic Partnerships Manager Atty Isaiah San Miguel.

“AcadArena’s strong focus on developing student communities combined with our extensive experience in the esports industry makes us the perfect partner for campuses that are looking to start investing more in esports and gaming,” he added.

Founder and CEO Kevin Hoang said: “We believe that the success of these Spaces is down to our ability to work closely with campus officials to understand the needs of their students and create Spaces that cater to those needs.”

AcadArena is capable of transforming any existing classroom or computer laboratory into an esports facility which can serve as lounge, broadcast studio and esports competition hub where student athletes can train, scrim, and compete in.

NU Laguna opted for a mixed-use Space which serves as a learning center during the day and play area and mobile lounge after class hours.

AcadArena is already in talks with several schools interested in putting up their own Spaces. Such facilities inside the campus should also bode well to schools who are already competing in collegiate esports leagues such as the ongoing Alliance Games.

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