15 best games like Clash of Clans

Supercell’s free-to-play Clash of Clans (CoC) has taken the strategy gaming genre by storm since its release in 2012.

With CoC being one of the most popular games on the market for more than 10 years, there are a handful of games that have taken inspiration from the beloved title. Most of these embody the village building and troop attacking mechanic from the game, but there are some tweaks to the popular formula. 

Here are the 15 best games like Clash of Clans, ranked, according to design, gameplay, and overall impact on the community.

The best games like Clash of Clans, ranked

15) Brave Conquest

In terms of gameplay, Brave Conquest might have copied the actual mechanics of CoC. From the combat gameplay to the strategies in building fortresses, the game embodies the flavor CoC introduced. Though, in terms of graphics, Brave Conquest might have a little edge. But this is CoC with a larger map, more ways of getting resources, and an enhanced aesthetic.

14) Clash of Lords 1

Another CoC clone, the first installment of Clash of Lords, which is IGG.com’s take on the mobile strategy genre, introduces more troops and hero choices compared to its inspiration. These characters can also be paired to gain synergy with bonus effects and stats. One unique mechanic this game has compared to CoC is the presence of tower defense. But the influence of CoC is evident in the overall vibe of the game.

13) Siegefall

If you want a version of CoC where the aesthetic of characters and heroes seem like the hero designs from Dota 2 or League of Legends, then Siegefall could be for you. This game allows players to build their kingdoms through various mechanics, including cards. The mechanics established by CoC are also widely seen in this game, such as training your heroes and engaging them in combat to attack other kingdoms.

12) Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy isn’t the typical CoC clone where the aesthetic of the game features a fun, cartoonish design for its heroes and overall presentation. Instead, it’s more animated, and simpler, and the gameplay is easier compared to the other games in this list. The goal of Stick War: Legacy is more straightforward and less complicated since you can control and take over a whole army to battle another army.

11) Gods of Olympus

Interested in a tower defense game where you can use Greek Gods as your protectors? Then Gods of Olympus is for you. This CoC clone featuring a cartoonish design on its overall aesthetic uses gameplay that revolves around protecting your tower from enemies. But one thing you should consider is that when you build a tower in Gods of Olympus, it will be built immediately. There is no waiting time here compared to what CoC has to offer.

10) Clash Quest

If you want another CoC type of game that also came from the same creator, consider playing Clash Quest. The fact that it has the “Clash” word in its name says a lot, especially with how similar it is to the original CoC. In the game, you can explore different islands to look for resources, but the overall genre of the game revolves around the mechanics of an RPG battle game. You can also encounter various characters from CoC, providing extra nostalgia to players.

9) Clash of Lords 2

This is the sequel to Clash of Lords 1. It is almost the same as its predecessor, but the overall gameplay in this game is much better. The graphics are finer and smoother in Clash of Lords 2, as well as how its storytelling can bring a different experience for players. The excitement it can offer especially when the tower defense mechanics are involved is even leveled up compared to the first one.

8) Plunder Pirates

Plunder Pirates is a CoC clone all about pirates. The game is set on the islands where pirate explorations take place, but gameplay elements of CoC can be seen in the game, such as the base defenses. You can also use pirate troops to attack your opponents, as well as build various structures on your islands. There are also monsters along the way that can give additional rewards.

7) Emporea

A CoC-type game with a much more mature design for its monsters and characters, Emporea allows players to do a lot of activities. This includes building a base and training and using troops you assault other bases to achieve victory. The tower defense aspect of the game can be the most exciting and engaging part it can offer since this is where players can showcase and use the different synergies that can be made from the classes and elements available.

6) Dawn of Titans

You can’t pick Dawn of Titans if you want a game that has a colorful and cartoonish aesthetic. The game has a more serious tone and design which highlights more of the medieval period as seen in the characters players can use. Here, you take control of a full troop, composed of thousands of troops ranging from knights, ogres, and more. But this game is probably one of our top picks when it comes to graphics since Dawn of Titans could be considered a AAA game.

5) Lords Mobile

We all know what the aesthetic of CoC looks like. The game is more cartoonish and fun in style, but imagine if it gets upgraded and becomes a little bit more serious. This is how the design of Lords Mobile is, where the colorful yet engaging and serious design meets halfway. And aside from the strategy gameplay elements from CoC, some RPG mechanics can also be seen in the game, such as going on an adventure to find resources that can be used in building bases.

4) Rise of Kingdoms

Probably one of the most popular games like CoC, Rise of Kingdoms features characters from medieval civilizations. But the design of the game is in the middle of being serious and cartoonish. The game revolves around building bases and using various civilizations as troops to attack other bases and structures from opponents. The game continues to be as popular as ever since it receives updates on a regular basis, with more offerings being introduced frequently.

3) Castle Clash

A fun game to play in terms of design and mechanics, Castle Clash provides an exciting experience when it comes to the strategy genre. Here, you get to create fortresses that you need to defend from other players who attempt to destroy them. You can also train various types of troops and soldiers to attack other fortresses to win and gain rewards and points along the way. In Castle Clash, you can choose from a lot of characters ranging from pirates, gods, elves, and more.

2) Clash Royale

It may not be considered a clone but, we all know how Clash Royale became more popular than CoC because of how it changed the real-time mobile strategy gaming genre.

Some consider Clash Royale as a mini version of CoC because of how fast games happen, but at the same time keeping the gameplay element of using troops to attack bases. This game became so big that even Supercell created an esports league for Clash Royale players, which is now one of the biggest esports tournaments in the world.

Clash Royale is a mix of various genres because of how it finely presents its MOBA, real-time strategy, and card game mechanics

1) Boom Beach

The No.1 game on our list of the best games like CoC is Boom Beach. This is also another creation of Supercell.

Boom Beach is CoC set on an island, but there is much to offer in terms of gameplay and modes. Here, you can unite with other players to build your own Task Force with the purpose of defeating the evil boss known as Blackguard. But what keeps the game relevant for the longest time is the combat. Players can attack beaches to earn rewards and points.

The game continues to receive support and updates, keeping it fresh and alive all the time. All of these aspects make Boom Beach the best game like CoC.

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